Wood Species

White Pine

Minnesota Timber & Millwork white pine tongue and groove paneling

Towering icon of our historic forest, famed for its smooth grain, soft colors, strength, and ease of use.

Black Ash

Minnesota Timber & Millwork black ash tongue and groove paneling

Minnesota's classically grained hardwood, with gentle dark color and gorgeous character.


Minnesota Timber & Millwork aspen tongue and groove paneling

The whitest of our woods with contrasting accents of mineral colors and dark knots.


Minnesota Timber & Millwork birch tongue and groove paneling

Classic hardwood of the Great North Woods with white and red/brown colors, rich dark knots and 

tight characteristics.


Minnesota Timber & Millwork basswood tongue and groove paneling

Loved by many for the stark contrast of its off-white and deep brown colors, a favorite for paneling.

White Cedar

Minnesota Timber & Millwork white cedar tongue and groove paneling

Far superior to non-native Cedars, impressively stable to stand the tests of time and weather.

Red Oak


North America's most abundant hardwood, displaying a uniquely Northern Minnesota tight grain and shade of Red.

Bur (White) Oak


Known as Bur (White) Oak, our northwoods take on this historic wood, excelling in dark color consistency and hardness.

Hard Maple

Minnesota Timber & Millwork hard maple tongue and groove paneling

Famed for its sugary sap and bright yellow autumn foliage, with brilliant white and brown tones and 

scattered mineral streaks, one of our hardest woods.

Soft Maple


Cherished for brilliant red fall colors, medium density compared to its sugary cousin, great for both clear finishes and painting.



The tightest character of any our woods, consistently tan in color with subtle knots, an impressively hard and durable conifer.



Fighting to make a comeback to our forest, a rare native wood with a story and exciting character.

Balm of Gilead


Dark heartwood, light texture and light weight make this special wood beautiful and easy to use.

Red Pine


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White Spruce


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Black Cherry

Native Northern Minnesota Black Cherry

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Balsam Fir


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Black Spruce


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