Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Timber Mill



Locally Sourced Timber

Hand picked from our own tracts of pristine northern Minnesota forests

Our Forests

A Family Tradition Since 1902

Our family has been re-establishing old growth white pine forests for four generations

Our History

Artisan Quality Millwork

We run our mill like they did in the old days, hands on, and detail driven

Our Mills

Renewable Sustainable Unforgettable

What We Do

We fulfill a market demand for sustainably-harvested, hand-selected, native timber from the great northwoods of Minnesota.

We privately maintain thousands of acres of pristine woodlands under the practice of restoration forestry. For the past three-quarter century, our family has been re-establishing a modern forest with “Old Growth” characteristics. We have worked to restore the land’s potential to what it once was, in turn, allowing us to locally mill and kiln-dry timber to artisan standards.

Our Environmental Statement

MTM and Rajala Forestry take the environment seriously, from beginning to end.  

Our forestry practices are beyond sustainable. A big part of Restoration Forestry is harvesting less than we grow, leaving both live and dead large trees for their ecological value. And they store (sequester) many  tons of climate warming carbon. We produce high value solid wood products that are cherished for generations by our customers, likewise storing tons of carbon that would otherwise cycle through the  atmosphere.

We source our raw materials (logs) from the great north woods and sell our products mainly within the Lake States region which vastly reduces the burning of fossil fuels for transportation.

All of the energy consumed  in our mills is generated from mill by-products. Our wood boiler produces the steam we need to heat our buildings and power our dry kilns. The rest of our by-products are used to generate carbon neutral  electricity, offsetting a large amount of fossil fuel.

We typically purchase high quality, used, energy efficient wood working machinery, logging equipment and vehicles. Our century old band mill  was once owned and operated by Henry Ford.  Equipped with modern controls and perfectly maintained, it is more effective today than the day it was made.