The Mill(s)

Milling capabilities

The Rajala sawmill in Bigfork has the distinction of being the  oldest continuously operating sawmill in the lake states, dating back to  1902.  Through the years we've kept it simple, but built it into a  solid, accurate, and consistent mill.  The heart of the sawmill is the  band mill capable of sawing logs over 50" in diameter and 20' long.  

The  Rajala planer, millwork, veneer slicing, and finishing operations are a  mere 60 years old.   We've put together a production system based on  top notch basic milling equipment based on 100% hands on operation and  visual inspection.

Sorting wood products  Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Milling precision

Modern mills run by multi-national corporations are built for speed and no longer want the full variety of small to big and perfect to imperfect logs that come from natural forests. We've gone a different direction, preserving the old ways. We've retained the art of filing our saws to sing through a full range of logs efficiently, accurately, and with a minimum of waste (thin kerf), preserving the authentic nature of our Great North Woods.

Skilled sawyers from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Old world sawyers

Delighted customers and natural forests. Machines don't do that. People do that. Our operators are seasoned veterans.  They know the nature of Minnesota wood and the art of milling it right. Generations of families are part of the MTM and Rajala Forestry team. These men and women know what they're doing and love what they do. It shows in the  products we provide our customers. And we don't forget.  Our consistency over the decades is evident when we provide an exact match in species, grade, and milling to our customers who have remodeled or expanded their homes with a desire for authenticity to their original design.

The Kiln

Natural woods are perfect by definition.  But they can't be used unless they are properly seasoned. If ever there were an art in the world of commerce, it is the correct drying of wood. MTM relies on the  experience and attention of Rajala kiln operators and the proven controls they use to maintain temperature, moisture, and fan settings. We even use computer tracking we designed ourselves and accessible on our operators' smart phones to track the dying progress.  

Kiln dry process at  Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Check and double check

People, not computers, control our kilns. There's no substitute for drying hands on and doing it right. We don't guess. We prove it to ourselves during and after every kiln charge by frequently cutting stress samples and measuring the actual moisture content of the timbers  and lumber, both inside and out.

Kiln dry process at  Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Proof positive results

We prove it to you, our customers, by providing you finished timber and millwork products that are dimensionally stable as humanly possible. So your floor, your ceiling, your timber arches stay put year round.

Our Inventory

Like a candy store for builders, woodworkers, and craftsmen!

MTM maintains an unmatched inventory of all species, grades, widths, thicknesses, and lengths of raw lumber & timbers. We make nearly all of our finished products to order. Our service to our customers is unmatched, because we carefully maintain an abundant and effective inventory.

Large selection of raw wood products at Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Yup, we have that

We maintain a carefully planned but relatively large inventory of a few hundred regular items, such as S4S boards and certain species, grades, widths and designs of paneling.

Beautiful wood grain on planks from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Hand picked for the project

And for woodworkers who want a special piece of raw kiln dried wood, we'll work through lunch to dig out the piece that you need from the  corner of one of the warehouses.