The Science of Forestry

We learn from the trees and the soil.  Humans have only scratched the surface of understanding the full ecological workings of the forest, especially below ground. Every acre of forest soil contains hundreds of millions of miles of fine tree root tips connected with mycelium, the  fine "roots" of thousands of species of fungi. This underground network is technically known as mychorrizae, but has recently been aptly described as the "Wood Wide Web". This is no joke.  Mychorrizae connect trees to other trees, making it possible for trees to share  critical information and resources.   

Insects and bacteria complete the underground system, creating an incredible process of breaking down plants and larger animals into nutrients and carbon. A natural forest allowed to age for centuries stores significantly more carbon underground than in the plant life above.  

Rajala Forestry restores and maintains working forests in the most natural way possible, to the best of our emerging knowledge. How cool is it that the natural products milled by MTM are intentionally designed to sustain the entire ecological system, and our customers love their authentic, natural character!