Conserving the Great North Woods

Future generations will continue to work in and care for Northern Minnesota forests.  We need to give them every chance we can to continue to protect and enhance all of its values.

Conservation begins with resisting conversion of forest land to non-forest uses.  We support wise development, with the right kind of projects in appropriate places.  

Rajala Forestry works hard to protect the full ecological workings of the forest.  We practice Adaptation Forestry in anticipation of a warming and severe weather climate.  We encourage the natural regeneration of natural, native tree species on appropriate sites and soils. 

A Truly Selective Harvest

Timber companies can talk about selective harvesting, but few are as picky as we are.


100% Locally Sourced Timber

We live work and play in northern Minnesota. All of our forest products are harvested from our own back yard.

MN Grown

The Science of Forestry

We go to school every day, but we don't sit in a desk, and the professors are hundreds of years old!

Trees 101