White Cedar Shingles have been used since Colonial times for roofs and walls and properly installed can perform naturally for hundreds of years. This is truly a special product for both exterior and interior applications. The longer, heavier shingles are a real specialty, with a bold, rich look and strong shadow lines.

Our shingles are made by hand from slow growth Minnesota White Cedar. Native White Cedar is simply better than other cedars (especially Western Red). Its slow growth provides superior dimensional stability, fine grain appearance, and tremendous insulating performance. White Cedar accepts stain and paint uniformly. White Cedar can be left unfinished and naturally ages to a gray patina, without the blackening typical of western red cedar. 

We offer a variety of grades (basically how many if any knots showing). We'll design this with you to determine the right look, performance, and price for you.

MTM shingles are manufactured in a pleasing random mix of widths and are R&R (re-butted and re-squared on the edges) to the following sizes:

16" overall length with 3/8" butt - 5" exposed.

18" overall length with 1/2" butt - 6" exposed.

24" overall length with 3/4" butt - 10" exposed.