The finishing touch

We have the best wood in the world, but it is not complete until the finish is applied.  Proper stain and finish will bring the true character of MTM's products to life, exactly as your project deserves.  Prefinishing is incredibly convenient compared to having your wood materials finished on site, and is especially wise compared to finishing after installation.

MTM's philosophy on finishing is the same as all the steps in the process that prepare your wood for installation in your home.  It has to be done to your exact order, carefully, and by hand.  We work closely with you to pick the color and top coat of your choice, and then we manually spray it with the material, time, and attention it deserves.

Mass produced, machine sprayed alternatives from the big guys may be inexpensive.  But you will not be thrilled.  You want to be thrilled.  Insist on MTM's "cabinet quality" finish on all of the wood in your home.