A Cut (or two) Above the Rest

We began making your timbers decades ago. It began with the trees. There is no substitute for large, straight, uniform trees. Rajala Forestry has been lightly grooming our White Pine and Oak forests for generations, leaving the highest quality trees to grow straight, tall, and stout. Some of our precious trees are left for Legacy yet we have plenty available to carefully harvest for your Timbers.

Master sawyers at our historic Bigfork, MN Sawmill use sharp blades and precision setting to carve the biggest, straightest and longest timbers out of selected logs.  Even some of our best trees don't make Timbers due to hidden characteristics.  The logs from these trees are cut into other fine products that better utilize the character.

Proper Air Drying, Kiln Drying, and Inventorying come next. Most Timber suppliers quickly rush Timbers through some form of drying process (if they dry them at all), labeling them as "Kiln Dried". We don't. Our Timbers are dried just as carefully as our Millwork, and due to their massive size, for much longer. Our largest Timbers are Air Dried for years, Kiln Dried for months, and continue to Equalize and Dry Naturally in inventory.

MTM carries a large inventory of various dimensions and lengths, allowing you and your builder to design exactly what you desire, knowing that you can source the needed Timbers in a reasonable period of time, and still get them dry.

Why are properly Kiln Dried Timbers better? It's simple. They are lighter for construction, they won't shrink and twist, and they can be milled and finished immediately.

MTM offers Kiln Dried Timbers in a variety of finishes. A lot of folks love the rough and seasoned look of the Timbers exactly as they come out of the sawmill and drying process. This is called "Rough Mill". Another option is for us to run the Kiln Dried Timbers back through our saws, producing a rough-sawn but bright appearance. This finish is called "Resawn Rough". A third option is for us to plane the Timber faces smooth. MTM offers our hand-hewn "Finn Finish" as a final touch, where we scrape, score, and gouge the rough or smooth faces, a little or a lot to your taste.

Sounds like a lot of work for us and a lot for you to consider. It's worth it. Your Timbers will be the conversation piece of your home or business. Let's roll up our sleeves together and do this.