Easy on the eyes, and on the feet!

Nothing adds warmth, character, and value to a home like real wood flooring.

But professionally produced wood floors from native, local woods are rare.   Proper kiln drying is the key to a great floor. Too moist, and the floors will shrink after installation, leaving gaps. Too dry, and the floor will expand and buckle, especially in wider widths. We make your floor to order, and only when ordered, every time. This allows us to select the planks for your floor, in the exact width, length, and grade from our vast inventory of kiln dried lumber. Then we re-dry it to the exact moisture required for the species you order and the time of the year.

MTM specializes in medium to wide width flooring. We're happy to make you a beautiful strip floor, in 2-1/4" or 3-1/4" widths. But we'd love to give you a little bit wider widths that come from a higher grade of lumber that we can mill from our  carefully selected trees.  

The ideal width of Hardwood and Tamarack planks are around 4" to 6", which are  spectacular.  But wait... want something really special? Try our wide plank White  Pine, with lengths up to 14' long! We've made floors as wide as 16". Trust us, this floor will be the talk of the town.