Not Your Grandfather's Paneling

Not your grandfathers paneling... You know the 1x6 Knotty Pine V-groove paneling that Grandpa put in the family cabin. By now it's aged to a yellowish-brown hue - it's a classic. For years that's what people automatically used. Not any more.

MTM mills a huge variety of different shapes (profiles), species, grades, widths, lengths, and finishes. There are literally thousands of choices. Let's work together to pick the perfect choice for you.

You can choose any width or combination of widths you like. We recommend narrower widths (1x4 or 1x5) for knot-free, more refined applications, which are especially great for smaller rooms. 1x6 and wider work great for your cabin. Mix and match any combination of widths.

Our length options are unmatched. We grow big straight trees to provide you with long lengths (up to 16' depending on the species) if you like. Most folks choose our shorter lengths with the end-match option (milled tongue & groove on the ends same as the edges) due to the convenience in installation. The choice is yours.

The last step is to choose your prefinish option. Prefinished End-Matched will speed your installation and eliminate the mess. And the finish is fantastic - hand applied and cabinet quality. There is none better.


Paneling Profile Options


End Matched Tongue & Groove Maple custom paneling from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

V-groove like Grandpa's (which is still great) - we call this WP4.  We mill it tongue & groove into a crisp tight "V", and with our kiln dried and pre-planed lumber, the joint stays tight.


Premium Cedar shiplap paneling from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Shiplap, another classic, typically in wider widths, with a flat tight joint like flooring, but purposely not a perfect joint, which together with nailing through face of shiplap, provides a more rustic look.  Want something really special?  Consider our super wide White Pine (up to 18" wide).

Nickel Gap

Select Black Ash nickel gap custom paneling from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Nickel Gap, milled with a tongue & groove, with precise square edges forming a uniform gap the thickness of a nickel.  This is a great choice when you want the popular "shiplap" look but more refined.

Center Match

Weathered White Pine Center Match, End Matched Paneling, Prestained and Varnished from MTM

Center Match is basically a square, flat, tight tongue & groove joint like wood flooring on your wall or ceiling.  

Bull Nose

Beautiful bull nose custom paneling from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

Bull Nose or what we call WP6.  A variation on Grandpa's V-groove, where the edges of the joints are rounded on both sides with a bit of flat tongue exposed.

Custom or Thick Items

Architectural custom paneling from Minnesota Timber & Millwork

You draw it or bring in a sample, and we'll make it. We have our own knife shop, where we create our tooling from scratch. 

This includes thick items like Roof Decking (exposed to the bottom side), and Loft Floor (seen from above and below). These are thicker to provide more strength, and are provided in a variety of profiles, thicknesses, and widths.