About MTM

Not your run-of-the-mill timber mill!

We fulfill a market demand for sustainably-harvested, hand-selected, native timber from the great northwoods of Minnesota. We privately maintain thousands of acres of pristine woodlands under the practice of restoration forestry. For the past  three-quarter century, our family has been re-establishing a modern forest with “Old Growth” characteristics. We have worked to restore the land’s potential to what it once was, allowing us to locally mill and kiln-dry timber to artisan standards. 

A quick list of our products:

Kiln Dried Timbers, Custom Paneling, Siding, Flooring, Trim, Stair Components, Shingles, Prefinishing. - Our products page

The tree species we harvest:

White Pine, Black Ash, Aspen, Birch, Basswood, White Cedar, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Red Maple, Tamarack, and Elm. - See our wood species guide.

Meet the People

Feel free to call or email. We always like to hear from our customers.

John Rajala

Owner / Principal

Owner of Minnesota Timber & Millwork, and Rajala Forestry, a five-generation family-owned and -operated forest products business.  John oversees forestry, logging, sawing, milling and sales.  He brings 40+ years of experience, having started in the woods and mills at a young age.

Restoration Forester

John plays a leading role in the emerging practice of restoration forestry.  He builds on the experience of prior generations to restore the Great North Woods to its natural ecology.

Darren Romans

Millwork Manager

Manager of Sales and Manufacturing of Millwork and Timber Products.

More About Darren

Darren manages the sales and manufacturing of Timber and Millwork products. He has 35 years of experience as an operator and manager in forestry, sawmilling, kiln drying, milling, and pre-finishing wood products.

Paul Watson

Silviculturist, Millwork Sales and Manufacturing

Paul splits his time between the woods and mills. He applies his forestry education and "boots on the ground" experience to lead the silvicultural projects in Rajala Forestry's Restoration Forestry Program. He applies his forest knowledge to the mill floor, where he works hands on to craft natural forest characteristics into MTM's timber and millwork products for our customers.

Margie Rooker

Office Manager

Margie is dedicated to supporting our operations, customers, suppliers, and our team. When we need answers we turn to her. She has lived in Bigfork and managed the office of our headquarters for over a quarter century, making her the longest tenured caretaker in our history.

Ron Rooker

Production Manager and Master Sawyer of Rajala sawmills.

Ron Rooker has 40 years of experience as a sawyer in the Great  North Woods.  He does the difficult sawing and oversees all aspects of  lumber production - sawing, kiln drying, and grading.  He is highly skilled in mechanics and electronics.

Greg Powell

Master Saw Filer and Facility Manager of Rajala sawmills.

Greg Powell has deep experience in sawing, saw filing, maintaining  of saws and machinery, mechanics, and electronics.  Greg keeps the saws sharp  and ready to go at all times, and is actively involved when we're  sawing to make sure the lumber is coming out perfectly.